Saudi Arabia – Mastering Development

Undoubtedly, goes without saying that time & again Saudi Arabia has proved to be the most stable & consistent markets, even during the toughest times of global recession. There has been tremendous developmental opportunities, expansion & growth over the past years and in the years to come. The ongoing & forecasted projects show the path to lucrative business opportunities mutually benefitting the two great nations.
One of the sectors to capitalize on & Benefit from is ICT (Information & Communication Technology). SJICT, after thorough study, has envisioned the Sequel that the Jordan ICT sector can entail & avail a stupendous exposure

SJICT Objectives

Saudi Arabia's Information & Communications Technology (ICT) market witnessed a number of significant developments over the years, Saudi Jordanian ICT Forum is an initiative to create an arena for ICT (Information & communication Technology) industries of Jordan & KSA to support the development of market driven regulations, policies and ICT initiatives with the objective to gauge the “pulse” and needs of ICT Industries for the ICT growth and development in both the countries, apart from bringing the countless number of opportunities on a single platform for the ICT companies of both the countries & to cater to the International market.


  • Foreign Income
  • Foreign Investment
  • Increased ICT
    Market Share

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